WHEN ENERGY is added to water it creates steam. Steam is elusive, ethereal and can easily float away. When captured and utilized, steam has great power; moving locomotives, heating cities and causing revolutions. Marketing too, takes constant energy. Time, effort, resources and passion, can also simply float away .

Let’s Work Together & Harness Your Energy.

We Are Your A-Team

ACTIVATED by years of knowledge from multiple facets in the business development, marketing, creative and advertising worlds, we have centered our skills around fusing your business and marketing strategies by following this A-list recipe.



No one knows your business like you do; so we start by listening to you. You’re the Einstein, we just help you realize it.



We put on our sleuth hats and apply logic even Watson would find inspiring. From the ground up, we make sure your business and marketing goals are jumping to the next logical conclusion.



Every Olympian wakes up the same as you and puts their pants on the same as you; it’s the day-to-day pursuit of lifetime goals that make them world-class. We help you set long and short term goals to progress toward your own podium.



When money is no object, business is a fairytale. We live in the real world, hard choices are easy when you’ve done your homework. We help prioritize to keep your real-world efforts reaching for that pot o’ gold.



Sometimes knowing pi to the 47th decimal place can win you a bar bet, but it’s much more useful to know your customer conversion rate. When it comes to bringing home the bacon, it’s okay to be a little nerdy.



Points, picas, rasters and resolutions, we know the rules of creation. We can run the ball for you or teach your marketing team to throw the perfect spiral. After all, business is a team sport.

WE FOCUS on small and medium size organizations, those with growing internal teams. We offer strategic oversight, adapt emerging technologies, foster internal skill growth, and fill-in execution skill gaps. Our goal is not to simply create on your behalf, but advance, one step at a time, your organization’s marketing understanding, abilities and independence.

IT’S NOT always easy, it’s not always pretty, but it is always rewarding. That is the mantra of our business, and the motto of our lives. It’s easy to sit and hand out edicts of good and bad, beautiful and ugly and never get your hands dirty. But what fun is that? Like mud pies, creation can be a dirty process but it’s very rewarding when your sibling takes a bite.

TALENT truly is one of the “natural” resources of Minnesota. We connect with, and utilize, a network of creative professionals within our area to punctuate our execution capabilities. We are always upfront about their involvement and vouch for their professional prowess.

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Development

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Client Diversification

  • Crowdfunding

  • Print Design & Production

  • Website Design & Production

  • Traditional Media

  • Social Media

  • Marketing Assessment

  • Graphic Design

  • Studio Product Photography

  • 3D Graphics Production

  • Creative Cloud Training

  • Video Production

OVER 2 DECADES of experience, wearing more hats than you can imagine, has informed our ability to connect across multiple disciplines. The shared problems of growing businesses are our specialties and solutions are our core competency. Think your organization has unique issues, go ahead and challenge us; we are happy to give you our perspective.

Jon Loss
Jon LossFounder, Creative Director

Say Hi, We Don’t Bite

Reaching out via email is the best way to get ahold of us. After that, we are happy to meet and discuss the weather, the local sports teams, the current state of kids these days… oh yeah, and how we can help your organization. We look forward to hearing from you.

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